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Watson on Node-RED

Node-RED is a rapidly growing easy-to-use modeling and prototyping tool that can help someone with no development background to build sophisticated applications in minutes. Applications are developed by building data flows through a series of connected nodes.

The npm module node-red-node-watson exposes all Watson services as Node-RED nodes, enabling those services to be readily used in Node-RED application flows. Intricate applications can be built that allow Watson services to interact with the range of capabilities and services exposed as Node-RED nodes and developed by the Node-RED contributor community. For example, the OK Watson starter kit application uses Speech to Text, Tone Analyzer, Conversation Text to Speech, and Twitter services to create a powerful app.

How can I contribute?

There are two ways to contribute to Watson on Node-RED:

  • You can develop sample flows that make use of the Watson services in innovative solutions. You can publish them as either basic examples, advanced examples, or starter kits on our documentation repository. This will allow you to share your samples to the community building Watson-powered applications on Node-RED.

  • You can write new nodes for new services. Visit our GitHub repository is to find the current code and make contributions.

The Watson Developer Cloud APIs are continuously being enhanced and added to. Consequently, there are always open tasks to code Node-RED capabilities for new, enhanced, or modified services. The task of creating new nodes is limited to trusted contributors. To become a trusted contributor, you can demonstrate or improve your skill level by identifying and fixing bugs in existing code.

Why should I contribute?

Watson on Node-RED will help you build more powerful applications by making it easier to model and access Watson’s unmatched suite of services through Node-RED. It’s simple: when you can quickly design better apps, you can devote more time to building better apps.

To contribute code you need to be familiar with developing Node-RED nodes, Node.js and Git. If you are learning to use these tools then you can jumpstart knowledge by bug fixing.