Track workplace conditions to ensure employee safety


In this developer code pattern, we’ll configure a system with IBM Maximo® Worker Insights to monitor safety conditions in a workplace. This is implemented by analyzing data collected from wearable sensors worn by employees. These sensors have the ability to track environmental conditions (temperature, pollutants), biometric conditions (heart rate, movement) of employees and to track proximity to certain areas.


When you have completed this code pattern, you will understand how to:

  • Stream sensor data to the Watson™ IoT Platform and IBM Event Streams services
  • Persist historical sensor data in an object store
  • Create and deploy a “shield” to run analytics against data streams and trigger events


Architecture diagram of using Maximo Worker Insights to monitor environmental and biometric conditions of employees

  1. Equip employees with wearable devices. Connect wearables to cloud-enabled gateway via Bluetooth.
  2. Forward wearable sensor data to Watson IoT Platform and Event Streams services.
  3. Raw data and recognized “events” are archived in Object Storage service.
  4. Data streams get analyzed by shields, which are Javascript code snippets that can run on an edge device or in the cloud.
  5. Detected events and hazards are displayed in dashboard/mobile application.


To put this code pattern to use, see the complete details in the README.