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Build, deploy, secure, and manage an API-led integration application

In this set of tutorials, we demonstrate how to use IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to create an API, which takes a car repair claim request, complete with a photograph of the car, and integrates the API with a SaaS CRM system and IBM Watson APIs to create a car repair case with all the correct details loaded into the SaaS system and the data routed to the correct location based on the image contents. Then, we demonstrate how to add API management capabilities to our integration application, apply security and rate-plans, and publish the API to the Self-Service Portal. We also show how applications are registered to the API server.

Learning objectives

Use these tutorials to learn how to:

  • Build and test an API-led integration flow application
  • Integrate your application flow with IBM and non-IBM applications and services
  • Secure and manage the API



Part 1: Build the claims processing application

In this part, you’ll complete these steps:

  1. Set up the integration systems and services endpoints.
  2. Develop and test an integration flow for the Car Repair Claim API using App Connect.
  3. Test the API. Run the tests and check the results.
  4. Deploy the Car Repair Claim API to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration running on Red Hat OpenShift.

Part 2: Manage and secure the API

In this part, you’ll complete these steps:

  1. Set up and configure API Connect, including a secure API gateway server.
  2. Push and manage the Car Repair Claim API in API Connect.
  3. Create a portal and sign up as a consumer of the Car Repair Claim API in API Connect.


In these tutorials, you completed these tasks (and more!) to learn how to build, deploy, secure, and manage API-led integration flow applications:

  • Created a set of SaaS endpoints.
  • Created secure managed connections to those endpoints using IBM Cloud Pak for Integration connectors.
  • Created an API and API integration flow, which processes car repair claims.
  • Tested the connections and integration from within the tools, building the API integration interactively.
  • Deployed the API to the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration runtime on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Pushed the API from App Connect to API Connect to manage the API.
  • Added an APIKey security policy to keep your API secure.