Five Fifths Voter: Address the key areas of voter suppression

History has shown that voter suppression can lead to corruption and a weak democracy that might not reflect the will of the people. Voting has been defined as an unfair process based on restrictive local processes, changing requirements, regulations, an inability to access the correct voting location, and a lack of information. As a result, millions of minorities, especially Black people, have had their votes go uncounted, purged, or simply not submitted due to lack of faith and trust in the system.

The Five Fifths Voter solution starter focuses on addressing the key areas of voter suppression such as voter registration, voter ID laws, voter registration restrictions, voter purging, felony disenfranchisement, and gerrymandering, all of which are contributors to disenfranchising minorities and people with disabilities. The solution starter helps with these challenges by providing a capability to help ensure disenfranchised minority voters are educated, empowered, and enabled to overcome setbacks incurred by voter suppression. Five Fifths Voter helps to identify correct polling stations, notifies users of requirements needed for their state, and personal circumstances as it pertains to different types of voting, deadlines, and quick access to information.

The solution starter is provided as a web-based application that’s hosted on IBM Cloud and is available for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Learning objectives

This tutorial walks you through the process of cloning the Five Fifths Voter GitHub repository and running the application.


The following prerequisites are required to follow or run this solution:

  • An IBM Cloud account. When you register you can also join the Call for Code community of over 400,000 developers to build new skills and contribute to racial justice open source projects.
  • The GitHub repository

The following technologies are used to deploy and demonstrate the application.

Estimated time

It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Architecture diagram

Five Fifths Voter flow diagram


Begin by cloning the Git repository. You can refer to the following guidelines for more information:

  • Getting Started
  • User Guide

  • Clone the Five Fifths Voter Git repository.

     git clone
  • Install the following dependencies:

Project set up

  1. Use the following commands to set up the project:

     yarn install
     cd services
     yarn install
     cd ..
  2. Start the services (see the services README for details).

     cd services
     yarn test
  3. Start the web app. Open another terminal in the root project directory Five-Fifths-Voter.

     yarn serve

To see a working version of the application, visit


You have explored this initial solution for providing the capability to help ensure disenfranchised minority voters are educated, empowered, and enabled to overcome setbacks incurred by voter suppression. We welcome your contribution to the Five Fifths Voter solution to help make a change. If you want to become a committer, read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

As a developer, you can take a stand and apply your skills and ingenuity to make a difference. Learn how you can be a part of a motivated community of developers and supporters working to evolve the Call for Code for Racial Justice open source solutions.