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Kubernetes with OpenShift 201: Exercises to deploy your apps on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

In the previous exercises in Kubernetes with OpenShift 101 and Kubernetes with OpenShift 101 Node-RED you got an introduction to Minishift, a Node.js web server, and running Node-RED on OpenShift. Then, in Kubernetes with OpenShift 101 machine learning, you learned to deploy and manage OpenShift applications with machine learning. All of these used Minishift, a great way to try out OKD, the Origin Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Red Hat® OpenShift®. Now you learn how to deploy on Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud™.

This tutorial can help you understand Red Hat OpenShift, how it can be deployed on IBM Cloud, and how to deploy apps on and with OpenShift. To complete these exercises on IBM Cloud, be aware of the costs and pricing plans for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. To follow along with a video of a previous online lab, see Replay: Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud online workshop.

The lab exercises are in two parts:

  • The first workshop in this lab shows you how to create your own OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud, how to use the oc command-line interface (CLI) and how to use the OpenShift web console to deploy applications.
  • The second workshop in this lab demonstrates how to build a microservice with Java and how to deploy it to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. The example microservice, developed with Java EE and Eclipse MicroProfile, is kept as simple as possible, so you can use it as a starting point for other microservices.