The following article is part of a series of articles providing and explaining a JPA 2.0 Customer Credit Sample.

This sample is for beginner and intermediate users.  The download materials you will need for this sample are all included in this zip file.

Once you have downloaded this zip file, follow the 6 stages below.  Instructions are all contained within easy to follow videos.  Explore the related links to find the next set of instructions in the series

  1. Liberty Downloads and Install: Short Video on how to obtain the Liberty Eclipse plugin and Libery runtime on
  2. Server Create: Video on the steps to create and configure a server instance in Eclipse with the Liberty Plugin
  3. Web Application Create: Steps to create the basic structure of the web application used to develop the Customer Credit Sample
  4. Developing the Sample: Steps to complete the sample, including servlet creation, persistence and business logic.
  5. Publish, run and Debug: How to publish and launch a web application to run it. Starting the server in debug mode, setting breakpoints, displaying variable contents and finding the root cause of a problem.
  6. Different Database Backends: Explanation of the server.xml configuration files and files included in the Sample zip file required for using either Oracle, DB2 or Derby database backends.

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