Here is the first Continuous Delivery (CD) update for Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS (ADFz) in this decade.

In September 2019, we released ADFz 3.2, starting the 3.2 release stream with our signature – Day One support for z15 accompanied by integrated DevOps toolchain enhancements. We continued that stream with our CD release for ADFz 3.2.1, released December 6. 2019, where the main feature is shift left testing, accompanied by ongoing delivery of customer requirements.

This CD update to ADFz 3.2.1 includes:

• IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition (IDzEE) 14.2.2,
IBM Developer for z/OS(IDz) 14.2.2,
• IBM Debug for z/OS 14.2.2,
Dependency Based Build(DBB) 1.0.8,
• IBM Fault Analyzer (FA) for z/OS 14.1.10,
• IBM File Manager(FM) for z/OS 14.1.10,
• IBM Application Performance Analyzer(APA) for z/OS 14.2.2,

• ZOAU 1.0.2 and
• IBM Duplicate Code Detection Tech Preview

If you have nagging worries about new and old clones of COBOL code piling up in your code base that have the potential to slow your changes, testing, and deliveries, IDz 14.2.2 has an app for that! The IBM Duplicate Code Detection technical preview helps detect COBOL code duplicates in your IDz workspace and has a standalone server that can be integrated with Git or other repositories to detect duplicates across programs and applications. Please check out the Blog here.

The other highlights of IDz 14.2.2 span ZUnit, Menu Manager, editor simplifications and more, please read the blog here.

And speaking of simplification, Debug for z/OS 14.2.2 offers the new Debug Profiles User Interface. The team has managed to analyze a long history that included a merge of two debuggers, four plug-in views, five IDz configurations, … (yes, there was more complexity), and simplify this into two configuration approaches. To learn about this significant user experience update, plus COBOL 6.3 DLE support.

Please take the time to read the detailed blogs that start here.

FA/FM details to what’s new here FA / FM

APA – the major enhancements in this release are enhanced administrative reports, enhanced support for Java, and updated subsystem/middleware version support, What’s new blog here

DBB release effort was focused on improving developer experience, features include Support registering as ZOUT, Allow copyToPDSto contribute output / deployTypein the build result, CopyToHFSshould support maintaining ASA printer codes, Detailed blog to follow.

ZOAU functions are based on Ansible team feedback, this release includes Improve ZOAU v1.0.2 Error Handling, New / Enhanced ZOAU v1.0.2 Functions, Detailed Blog here

We also have the Host Configuration Assistant ( HCA 2.3 ) going live. Here are the details

Additional Information
• DevOps Acceleration Program : A value-add early adoption program designed to partner with clients in their DevOps transformation..
Want to master IDz? Visit the Self paced Training.
• To download the latest compatible levels of the IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua software stack, visit the Mainframe Dev Center downloads page.
• Visit the the ADFz website to explore technical topics, and connect with the developer community.
• Let us know what additional functionalities you need in ADFz by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.

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