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Replay: QISKit quantum computing

Dive deeper into quantum computing by watching the tech talk.

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Replay: Brunel Visualization update

Learn new ways to visualize your data with Brunel Visualization.

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Project: QISKit quantum computing

Tap into limitless possibilities of quantum computing with new developer tools.

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Stocator is a connector for object stores. It has a Swift driver to integrate with Bluemix, SoftLayer, or any other OpenStack Swift API-based object store.

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Jamie Jennings, Ph.D., IBM Cloud

As a technologist and researcher working on advanced technology projects for IBM’s Cloud Computing division, Jamie focuses on problems that are found outside the scope of product development but that impact how well products work or how easy they are to use. “There are some amazing capabilities available on the Bluemix platform,” she says, “and...

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Dan Rope, IBM Analytics

I have made a career out of turning novel ideas for data analysis into software that has real value and impact. My passion is for all things technical, but I also tend to become directly involved in leadership, process, and the articulation of value. I am proud to have helped develop and introduce to the...

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