Open source at IBM

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For the past 20 years, IBM has invested significantly in open source code, communities, and governance. Learn where we partner, how you can join us, and how you can create an open enterprise.

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Why we believe in open source

We’ve seen open source transform projects from good ideas into technology that powers operating systems all over the world. And we believe in its power to transform the enterprise.

When developers from diverse backgrounds and companies work together to create open source, the result is greater innovation and choice for the users. Open source developed under open governance assures that you aren’t locked into a single vendor — you’re able to choose the vendor or vendors that best meet your needs.

Open community engagement

Not all open source is equal. With two decades investing in open source, we’ve learned to commit our time and resources into communities that support high-impact open source projects and ecosystems.

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Why we believe in open source image
Why we belive in open source image

Work with us

Ready to get your hands on the code? We have a number of ways for you to engage with our open source offerings. Go straight to our GitHub organization, check out our hottest projects, use our code patterns, access our free, open source deep learning models on the Model Asset eXchange, and more.

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Create an open enterprise

We’ve seen the benefit of open source at IBM, and we’ve learned how to scale it for the enterprise. We’re passionate about helping other enterprises create, adopt, and scale open source in their own companies. Find out how we do open source, and how you can, too.

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Why we belive in open source image
Why we belive in open source image

IBM, Red Hat, and open source

IBM and Red Hat have been partners for more than a decade, standardizing and securing open source for the enterprise. The acquisition of Red Hat by IBM will continue this partnership and strengthen our commitment to creating open source solutions that solve our clients’ business problems.

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