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Introduction to Java programming

Level Topic Type
101 Set up your Java development environment and learn basic object-oriented programming principles Tutorial
102 Java language basics Tutorial
103 Writing good Java code Tutorial
201 Java constructs for real-world applications, Part 1 Tutorial
202 Java constructs for real-world applications, Part 2 Tutorial


This tutorial series is for software developers who are new to Java™ technology and want to become productive Java programmers. Work through the series, including videos, to get up and running with object-oriented programming (OOP) and real-world application development using the Java language and platform.

Begin with an overview of the Java platform and language. Then, set up a development environment and learn about its components. From there, learn basic Java syntax hands-on. Continuing past the fundamentals, the series teaches you more-advanced Java language features, including lambdas, regular expressions, generics, I/O, streams, and serialization.

Step-by-step instructions and video demos help you create and build on a simple Java object, developing it into a full application.

Skills you'll gain

  • Gain an understanding of the basics of OOP on the Java platform
  • Have a fully functional Java development environment that uses the Eclipse IDE
  • Become familiar with Java syntax and essential libraries
  • Be ready to learn more-complex programming Java techniques
  • Know where to find curated resources to bolster your Java programming knowledge

System requirements

  • A system supporting Java SE 11 with at least 4GB of memory. Java 11 is supported on Linux®, Windows®, AIX®, and macOS®
  • At least 400MB of disk space to install the software components and examples

You also need to install and set up a development environment consisting of JDK 11 from AdoptOpenJDK and the Eclipse IDE. Follow the download and installation instructions provided in the series.