The Road to Liberty: Modernizing WebSphere applications

Open Liberty is a modern, cloud-optimized runtime for Java workloads (using Jakarta EE and MicroProfile APIs) that is lightweight, performant, and optimized for developers, continuous delivery, and Kubernetes. It is a natural target for enterprise and cloud-native applications.

In this THINK 2021 Master Class, we dive into what makes Open Liberty ideal for your applications, review the optimal paths for traditional WebSphere Application Server users to get to Liberty to reap the benefits, and the tools that are available to help you expedite your application modernization journey.

Industry observations

Most apps weren’t developed for the cloud, yet the majority are expected to migrate some part to the cloud over the next few years. To deal with this change in architecture characteristics as you move from monoliths to microservices, developers require organizational capability.

Why Open Liberty?

Graham presents the six reasons why Open Liberty is a great choice for application modernization as well as new cloud-native app development. From offering just enough runtime, to the low operating cost, to being Kubernetes optimized, Liberty offers a true-to-production developer environment. Read more in Graham’s article, “6 Reasons why Open Liberty is an ideal choice for developing and deploying microservices.”

Demos on getting started with Open Liberty

Graham demonstrates how dev mode works, shows you how to configure Kubernetes clusters, and shows how to manage session affinity.

See a deeper dive into Liberty’s dev mode in this Expert TV replay.

Modernization paths with Open Liberty

Understand why you should modernize your applications, from not being able to develop features at the pace your business requires, to architectural limitations when adding new features, to the cost of maintaining and extending a legacy application.

Then, see a demo of one of the application modernization tools, Mono2Micro, which provides AI-based automatic transformation of monoliths into microservices. Learn more about Mono2Micro in this Introduction to Mono2Micro learning path.

An application modernization deep-dive using IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

By using IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor, you can plan and accelerate your Java app modernization journey as you modernize your monolith to microservices, modernize your operations, and finally modernize your architecture.

Explore in this article how you can modernize a traditional WebSphere app using IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor.

Live demo of WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit

The WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit helps you apply remediations that may have been highlighted by the IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor. It includes a binary scanner and automated tWAS migration.

Learn more about what’s new in the WebSphere Migration Tools in this community article.

Summary and next steps

In this THINK 2021 Master Class, you learned why Open Liberty and the WebSphere Hybrid Edition tools are ideal for your application modernization journey.

Learn more about the architecture style characteristics of Open Liberty and other Java runtimes so that you can make an informed runtime choice in the article, “Choose the right Java runtime for the job.”

Explore more about Open Liberty and the WebSphere Hybrid Edition tools as part of your application modernization journey in the hubs on IBM Developer: