Congratulations to the 2022 Call for Code Global Challenge winner, GardenMate!

Home gardening is not always optimized for sustainability. Excess produce is often thrown out because gardeners don’t know how to distribute it efficiently to individuals in the community who need it. Gardeners also might unintentionally follow unsustainable practices, causing negative environmental consequences. GardenMate connects gardeners who have excess produce with individual people who need food. It also uses IBM Watson to provide gardeners and small farm owners access to information on sustainable gardening practices.

The runners up

In addition to the Global Challenge winner, there were a number of solutions that answered the call to solve the world’s sustainability issues with tech. Learn more about the other top teams and their innovative projects below.

Congratulations to the University Prize winning team, TransXEnergy!


Participant location: Monash University Malaysia

Growing global energy demands require increasingly efficient energy transmission. Smart homes and electric vehicles (EVs) can be adapted to fit into power transmission networks for greater efficiency, but there are insufficient incentives motivating participation from individual smart home and EV owners, reducing the effectiveness of the model and its environmental impact. TransXEnergy is an auction and blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform. The platform allows users to set their energy sale prices and others to place bids. Next, a matching algorithm which uses production and consumption forecasts matches buyers with their respective sellers. Blockchain is used to securely record and store the transactions.
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See the key service used in their solution: IBM Watson Machine Learning