Why the Call for Code for Racial Justice?

In response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, Black IBMers, in their pain, frustration, and exhaustion, had a vision of a world without social injustice – where technology combats systemic racism. The top ideas have been released as open source projects allowing you to make a stand against racism, wherever it shows up in our world.

“To merely condemn expressions and acts of racism is not enough.​ We must go beyond and do more.”

– United Nations Deputy Secretary-General
Amina J. Mohammed

Focus areas

With a focus on law and order, the electoral process and policy-making, we are releasing open source projects with solution starters to help combat racism and promote racial justice. We are inviting people across the globe to channel their frustrations about systemic racism in a tangible and authentic way by getting involved with these projects to make an impact in under-served and underrepresented communities.

The open source projects are now available with solution starters, which contain resources to help you learn about the projects and how you can start building, evolving, and leveraging the technology.

Police & Judicial Reform and Accountability

From community policing to sentencing and incarceration, data and technology has a role to play in the fight for racial equality.

Diverse Representation

Bias and misrepresentation are commonplace throughout society and business. These projects serve to address these issues and strive for representation at every level. 

Policy & Legislation Reform

Policy and legislation needs more inclusion from the communities it impacts. This requires better visibility into the creation process and more opportunities for feedback.  

take action

To get started, get access to solution starter tutorials that will help fast-track your path to action. 

Get started

Get your organization involved

Regardless of whether you are a corporation, university or startup, there are numerous ways you can get involved with the Call for Code for Racial Justice open source projects.

Contact us

Build out the project

Your organization can help develop this technology and bring it to communities in need.

Adopt the projects

You can partner with us to integrate this technology into your organization to drive change.

Share this work

Host an event or share these projects through your networks to help grow this initiative and broaden the fight against systemic racism.