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Messaging fundamentals

What is messaging and why is it useful when developing applications? How does it differ from APIs, and where do events fit in? How can messaging improve your microservices applications? Get the answers to these questions and more by reading the following articles in this Messaging Fundamentals series.

  • Article
    What is Messaging?

    Supporting a variety of typical message exchange patterns and a range of qualities-of-service, messaging software frees up application developers to focus on the business value of their code.

  • Article
    An introduction to APIs and messaging

    Learn about the pros and cons of both APIs and messaging when developing robust, engaging apps.

  • Article
    Understanding enterprise messaging APIs and protocols

    In this article we explained the difference between messaging APIs, protocols, and clients. Each approach has its own “sweet spot” and depending on your priorities you’ll now be able to decide which solution is right for you.

  • Article
    Why enterprise messaging and event streaming are different

    In this article, we review of two asynchronous use cases - 'request for processing' and 'access enterprise data' - to help you learn more about enterprise messaging and event streaming technologies. Then, we discuss the key capabilities to consider when selecting the right technology for your asynchronous communication solution.

  • Article
    How messaging simplifies and strengthens your microservice application

    This article looks at how messaging can help you as you write your applications. It also discusses how the advantages of using messaging in your applications apply in the context of a microservice framework.