Level Topic Type
100 Introduction to Watson Assistant Article
101 Create your first Assistant-powered chatbot Tutorial
200 Assemble a pizza-ordering chatbot dialog Code pattern
201 Create a banking chatbot Code pattern
300 Create a Google Action with Watson Assistant Code pattern
301 Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation Code pattern
400 Create a next-generation call center with Voice Gateway Code pattern

This learning path is designed for developers interested in quickly coming up to speed and working with Watson Assistant. The learning path begins with an overview of Watson Assistant, then continues with the deployment of the service and the use of the included tools for creating intents, entities, and integrations with other applications. It uses tutorials, videos, and code patterns to demonstrate how to create skills and use them with virtual assistants. The code patterns include open source code to give you working examples of using Watson Assistant in different use cases. See the Watson Assistant page for more information on features and getting started.

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Introduction to Watson Assistant

Learn about:

  • What is Watson Assistant?
  • Typical architectures to follow
  • Watson Assistant terminology

Create your first Assistant-powered chatbot

Learn about:

  • Creating an assistant
  • Adding a skill with intents, entities, and a dialog
  • Creating a sample app

Create a web-based chatbot with voice input and output

Learn about:

  • Making a Watson Speech To Text call using a WebSocket connection
  • Making a Watson Text to Speech REST API call
  • Sending and receiving messages to and from Watson Assistant using REST APIs
  • Integrating Watson Speech To Text, Watson Text To Speech, and Watson Assistant in a web app

Create a banking chatbot

Learn about:

  • Creating a chatbot that converses through a web UI using Watson Assistant and Node.js
  • Using Watson Discovery with passage retrieval to find answers in FAQ documents
  • Using Watson Tone Analyzer to detect emotion in a conversation
  • Identifying entities with Watson Natural Language Understanding

Create a Google Action with Watson Assistant

Learn about:

  • Creating a Google Assistant Action that calls out to an HTTPS endpoint
  • Launching a Node.js server that can interact with the Google Assistant requests and send responses from Watson Assistant
  • Using Watson Assistant to create a retail agent that can have a conversation to gather the information needed to make a reservation

Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation

Learn about:

  • Creating an OpenWhisk action in the IBM Cloud Functions serverless platform
  • Using Redis to store a session’s conversation context across events
  • Importing a conversation from the BAE or a JSON file
  • Invoking a conversation with Watson using Node.js
  • Using The Weather Channel data service to look up locations and forecasts
  • Creating an Alexa skill to reach tens of millions of customers

Create a next-generation call center with Voice Gateway

Learn about:

  • Provisioning Watson Assistant, Speech to Text, and Text to Speech services on IBM Cloud
  • Importing a sample call center dialog to Watson Assistant
  • Deploying a Voice Gateway service on IBM Cloud Private
  • Connecting Voice Gateway to Twilio using the SIP communication protocol

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