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A Call for Code global finalist from the United States seeks to enhance remote learning

SchoolListIt is the 3rd runner up in the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge and will receive $10K.

While students are tapping into their remote classrooms and completing their digital assignments this year, parents are finding themselves with some homework of their own. Between their children having several online classes, multiple teachers and assignments, along with various remote learning platforms that each have their own unique kinks, ensuring that their children remain on track quickly becomes challenging work. Adding to these obstacles, parents who either have several kids, work full-time, or might be single, now must deal with the act of juggling all of these priorities simultaneously. While many parents tirelessly search for helpful resources to mitigate the compounding stress that piles up quickly as the school days continue, they are often left empty-handed and overwhelmed. There needs to be a way for working parents to have at-a-glance insight to when class starts, when assignments are due, and how their children are performing — and it needs to be easy to use.

Enter SchoolListIt, an app specifically designed to deliver parents with an easily navigable user experience to receive all the necessary information on their school-aged kids when they need it. The solution comes from Meg Philips, a working mother who like many parents longed for a tool that made it easy to understand what assignments are due and when. With daycare either being closed or not feasible for many families, Meg quickly realized that keeping her children on track with schoolwork, paired with fighting through the confusion of different remote education platforms became a full-time job. Using IBM Watson® Text to Speech and other technologies, the SchoolListIt app can take information from Google Classroom and WordPress sites and turn these into mobile-friendly assignments with due dates. SchoolListIt is also an open platform for teachers and others to share information and offer advice through a secure collaboration platform. The app even works offline for those students who might not have access to a reliable internet connection.

SchoolListIt pulls it all together, so that parents, grandparents, and guardians on the go can stay apprised on their remote learning loved ones. Whether fully in school, entirely remote, blended, or homeschooled, parents balancing work and life now have an app that they can turn to for a helping hand.

SchoolListIt is a prime example of the transformative solutions that surface through Call for Code. While the entire world is impacted by COVID-19, we are all impacted in different ways, and it’s paramount that we are fighting back at every angle.

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