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Mobile app uses artificial intelligence to help patients assess their symptoms

The global COVID-19 pandemic has crippled medical systems and left patients worried, particularly when they think they might have symptoms. The “Are You Well?” app is designed to address this problem by using an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to gather information from individuals who are facing a new normal with stay-at-home or quarantine orders, and providing information to medical professionals to help them understand patterns of the virus in their immediate area.

Developed and designed by a team from Altran in India for Call for Code, the “Are You Well?” mobile application is designed to help individuals evaluate their symptoms, aided by IBM® Watson™ Assistant. Interfacing with an IBM Watson chatbot, users are asked if they are feeling well and to describe any symptoms. The AI system then ranks the users’ input by severity level – high, medium, or low – and connects users with medical professionals to further evaluate if the symptoms are at a high severity level. A dashboard is available for medical and public health professionals to understand where symptoms are appearing and to help them plan for a potential outbreak. As Deepak Goyal, one of the lead developers on the project says,

“[People] should feel safe being at home in this crisis situation, in this unprecedented situation that we are all in. This is a solution that is designed to help all of society from end-to-end.”

Call for Code submission and beyond

The team that developed the “Are You Well?” application includes Deepak Goyal, Chandresh Tiwari, Yogesh Kumar, Hitesh Choudhary, and Manoj Gupta, who all work for Altran in India. Given the current situation, the team members worked remotely on this solution. They entered their idea into the accelerated COVID-19 track of Call for Code for a chance at early deployment to quickly help those like them, who are quarantined with limited access to medical facilities and professionals. They saw this opportunity as a key differentiator compared to other coding challenges and hackathons, which often don’t support the deployment of the technology.

The team already has plans for future iterations on their application: with a focus on forming and detailing their roadmap, and possible integrations for an SOS feature and ambulance or emergency response partnership that could be useful with other crises beyond COVID-19.

Learn more about building AI-powered chatbots and other technology available to help society in times of crisis. You have until July 31, 2020, to submit your solution to Call for Code.