Open EEW (Earthquake Early Warning) – a Call for Code Open Source Project

March 29, 2021 11:00 am EDT

🌍Join this workshop to learn about Open Earthquake Early Warning (EEW), a Call for Code open source project that aspires to detect early signals of an imminent earthquake and warn communities and populations to take immediate action.

🎓What you will learn:
How OpenEEW is using an IoT based solution to detect earthquakes, manage regional networks of sensors, display and analyze live data on a dashboard, and provide life-saving alerts to vulnerable populations.
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Meetup Agenda:
👩‍💻Introduction to Call for Code
🧭 Introduction to the Open EEW project, created using open-source technologies.  
This solution focuses on addressing the key areas of earthquakes such as:
Detecting the early signals of an imminent earthquake
Predicting direction of a quake from multiple geographically dispersed sensors
Warning communities and populations to take immediate action

🌄An amazing Linux Foundation governed open source community that spans the globe
Everyone can bring their best to create OpenEEW
– Grillo founder in Mexico
– A hardware designer in Portugal
– Seismologists in Oregon and Czech Republic
– Designer in Texas
– Senior React web architect in California
– Student Node / React developer in Belgium
– Embedded IoT Firmware developers in New Jersey and United Kingdom
– Mobile App developer in New Zealand
– Infrastructure expert in North Carolina
– Deployment experts in Puerto Rico
– Call for Code leadership

🧭Update the Call for Code community of progress
– Mobile App built using Flutter
– IoT hardware design – sensor and firmware
– IoT security and device orchestration
– Earthquake shaking algorithm

💻Learn how you can contribute to this project.


👋🏻 Who should attend?
This IBM Developer event is open to everyone, and we encourage everyone to join the conversation. Additionally, developers and those interested in open source application development and deployment should join this event.

🎙 Speakers
John Walicki (IBM)
Andy Meier (Grillo)