Build a mesh network after a natural disaster: ClusterDuck Protocol

This mobile mesh network of IoT devices based on LoRa can be accessed by people to stay in touch when communication lines go down following a disaster.

Aerial scout for first responders: DroneAID

This solution uses machine learning to detect calls for help on the ground placed by those in need. 

Use AI to make home construction safer: ISAC-SIMO

This project from Build Change uses AI and computer vision to help detect construction issues that could become life-threatening during a major incident like a hurricane or earthquake.

Help small farmers optimize water usage: Liquid Prep

This end-to-end solution, originally developed by a team inside of IBM, can help small farmers understand how much water they are using. 

Notify communities quickly with Grillo’s simple earthquake early-warning system: OpenEEW

A low-cost IoT sensor measures expected shaking, giving local governments and first responders faster and better earthquake alerts.  [View the tutorial on how to build a dashboard using Open EEW data]. 

Protecting firefighters’ health: Pyrrha

IoT and AI come together to monitor the levels of toxin exposure for firefighters and to alert them before they are in danger of longterm respiratory problems in this project from Prometeo.

Musical collaboration for disconnected performers: Rend-o-matic

Helping musicians jam together even when socially distanced, this tool from Choirless analyzes and merges musical waveforms to create a version of a track that can be continually updated.

Social distancing made easier: Safe Queue

A simple QR-based mobile application originally developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people take a place in a queue without physically having to stand in line.

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Check out the Call for Code for Racial Justice open source projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. 

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