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Learn Node.js: Node.js Learning Path

This Node.js tutorial series introduces you to the basics of Node, gets you coding, and shows you how to deploy your Node.js apps to the cloud.

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    Overview of Node.js Learning Path

    Our Node.js Learning Path is a set of tutorials that introduces you to the Node fundamentals and walks you through creating a Node.js application and deploying it to the cloud. Learn more.

  • Tutorial
    Install Node.js, npm, and VS Code

    In this tutorial, learn 3 different ways to install Node.js and npm, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also, see how to install VS Code for editing your Node applications.

  • Tutorial
    Take a tour of Node.js

    In this Node.js tutorial, get a high-level overview of Node.js concepts, including the Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) utility.

  • Tutorial
    Explore Node.js basic concepts

    Before you can start building Node.js apps, you need a strong understanding of Node basic concepts, including blocking and non-blocking programming, Node modules, and more.

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    Introduction to the event loop in Node.js

    The event loop enables Node's non-blocking I/O model, which is what helps it to scale under load. Learn more about the event loop and how to use it.

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    Create your first Node.js application

    In part 6 of the Node.js Learning Path, put your knowledge to use and build your first Node.js application, a shopping list application.

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    Introduction to Node package manager

    In part 7 of the Node.js Learning Path, learn more about the Node.js ecosystem and use npm to find, install, and manage Node.js packages.

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    Node.js dependency management

    In part 8 of the Node.js Learning Path, learn more about managing dependencies with the package.json file and the evolution of your Node applications.

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    Unit testing in Node.js

    In part 9 of the Learn Node.js tutorial series, learn how to do unit testing for Node.js applications. Get familiar with Mocha, Chai, Sinon, ESLint, and more.

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    Logging Node.js applications with Winston and Log4js

    In part 10 of the Learn Node.js Learning Path, learn about Node.js loggers and start using two of the most popular logging packages for Node, Winston and Log4js.

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    Using Express.js for Node applications

    In part 11 of the Node.js Learning Path, I introduce you to Express.js, one of the most popular Node.js web frameworks.

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    Use MongoDB with Node.js

    In part 12 of the Node.js Learning Path, learn about MongoDB and convert the sample application to use MongoDB, one of the most popular NoSQL databases for Node.js applications.

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    Debugging and profiling Node.js applications

    In part 13 of the Node.js Learning Path, I show you how to debug and profile your Node.js applications.

  • Tutorial
    Use Node.js with Cloudant DBaaS

    In the final unit of the Node.js Learning Path, move the Shopping List application's data to Cloudant and use an open source Cloudant driver to access and manipulate the data.