Linus Tech Tips shows how Project OWL helps during a disaster

About this video

YouTuber Linus Sebastian and his team shows how 2018 Call for Code winner Project Owl can help during a disaster. In this flood scenario, Linus has fled to the roof and discovered that WiFi is out, leaving him without a way to communicate and ask help. His team deploys the Project OWL mesh network to quickly and temporarily re-establish a basic level of connectivity over a long-range radio network. Linus is able to connect to the OWL emergency network and share his location and situation. Through the software solution, which makes use of the latest IBM Watson™ Studio, Watson Cloud APIs and The Weather Company APIs, the team sees Linus’ message and is able to respond. This light-hearted example showcases the importance of technology-based solutions to help communities prepare for and respond to natural disasters. Join the 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge.