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Using the binary scanner

You can use the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries to generate binary scanner reports for your applications by downloading the standalone tool, by using the WebSphere administrative console, or by using IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor.

To learn more about the reports from the binary scanner, read these articles:

  • The binary scanner produces these reports that help you modernize your legacy apps to Liberty:

  • Jump Start Your Modernization With Configuration Generation

    You need to configure the Liberty server to be able to run your application. When using the binary scanner to scan applications deployed in traditional WebSphere Application Server, you can generate application-centric Liberty configuration. Using modernization tools is the easiest way to create an initial Liberty configuration. The configuration is created using best practices techniques that make using ConfigMaps in Kubernetes a breeze.

  • Getting more from your migration data

    The migration reports give you lots of data and information. If you want to figure out which applications need which remediations, the JSON reports help you aggregate information. This article explains how to use a document-oriented database to query the binary scanner reports. If you are evaluating many applications, consider using Transformation Advisor to give additional insights such as application complexity, development cost, and migration artifacts to get you running in Kubernetes quicker.

  • Modernizing a traditional WebSphere app using IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

    This article shows how to migrate an enterprise Java EE application from WebSphere Application Server traditional to Open Liberty using IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor. You can see a demo of installation techniques and the latest features of Transformation Advisor in this video, Deep dive into Transformation Advisor.