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IBM MQ is a robust, reliable, and secure messaging solution. It simplifies and accelerates the integration of different applications across multiple platforms, and it supports a wide range of APIs and languages. IBM MQ allows the server infrastructure to span data center, mainframe, and cloud frameworks. MQ enables applications to communicate and exchange data in a reliable and scalable way, that decouples one application from another.

In this learning path, you learned the core IBM MQ messaging concepts, created and configured a queue manager, queue, and topic, and developed and debugged a simple point-to-point JMS application that interacts with the queue manager.

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Beware! You’ll get hit by questions from all the tutorials that are part of this learning path, so make sure you’ve gone over everything.

You’ll need a Credly account and an IBM account (IBM Id) to complete the quiz and claim your badge.

We look forward to seeing your badges shared on LinkedIn, Twitter and in your email signatures. Congratulations! You’re now an MQ app dev superhero!

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Next steps

Perhaps you’re ready to download the MQ client libraries to really dive into your messaging application. Or, check out the IBM MQ github repo, which contains some code samples that can use in your own projects. Or, check out the doYouMQ? podcast, where senior experts at IBM sharing their thoughts on the vital role that MQ plays in enterprise messaging.